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A collection of some of the latest research and reporting in the urban air mobility sector, by various organisations and companies in the aerospace, mobility, financial and financial reporting industries.

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*Disclaimer: this is information is collected from public sources. The authors or their affiliates have no affiliation with FLUTR. This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. Papers may have been uploaded without authors knowledge or permission.

Morgan Stanley - Urban Air Mobility

McKinsey - Urban Air Mobility

Lufthansa magazine

Uber - White paper

Porsche  - Future of Mobility

Roland Berger - Urban Air Mobility

Bloomberg - Japan flying car industry

Parker - A paper on Vertiport capacity 

Airbus - Acceptance Study

Bloomberg - Flying cars and Helicopters

Bloomberg - Flying car market

Booze Allen Hamilton - Industry Analysis, Pt 1

Booze Allen Hamilton - Industry Analysis, Pt 2

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