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  • What is FLUTR
    A personal air vehicle for getting from home to the shops, school, work, client’s office, the golf course, a trip to the beach, the mountains, or wherever your imagination takes you. It can also be used for rapid response emergency vehicles in congested urban neighborhoods or remote country areas, and search, rescue and patrol operations for safety organisations. Together, many FLUTR vehicles become a scaleable aerial mobility transport system. FLUTR stands for Flying Urban Transporter It is also an abbreviation of "flutter" as in the motion of butterflies.
  • what does FLUTR the company do?
    FLUTR, the company, creates air vehicles and technology suitable for the widespread adoption of personal air transport. Separate FLUTR vehicles combine to form a centrally managed aerial mobility transport system.
  • is it easy to fly?
    If you can drive a car, and use a smartphone, you can drive FLUTR. Getting used to a vehicle that flies is faster and easier than you may think. Or if you want to pay a little extra, a professional pilot can come and do the flying for you (AirTaxi mode).
  • how many people will it hold?
    1 - 4 people* 2 adults, or 1 adult, 2 children, or 1 adult, 3 small children. (child size determined by weight- details later) *final capacity determined by regulatory permission
  • what happens if something goes wrong?
    In case of mechanical failure or unscripted incident, a rapid deploying chute is deployed. We are evaluating various chute designs, and in conjunction with built in energy absorbing seats and airbags, to ensure a safe outcome from any height.
  • how do I use it?
    FLUTR can be hailed like a taxi using the FLUTR app (under development), or if you have done the quick 1-2 day training course, you can find the nearest FLUTR on the app and jump in and fly it yourself. Or you can purchase and fly your own vehicle from home/office/anywhere at anytime. Or you can use your company owned FLUTR anytime (self fly, or piloted).
  • when will it be ready?
    We are working at warp speed to get this vehicle into the hands of the millions of people who want one today. As soon as a complete and safe vehicle and operating system is fully tested and certified by the safety authorities we will let you know. In the meantime you can reserve flights (FLUTR minutes) or pre-order vehicles.
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