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As the world’s roads reach full capacity, we have no choice but to reach to the skies.

A better way to get to the office, shops, school, airport, anywhere is required.

It has to be fast, simple, safe, quiet, affordable and sustainable.

FLUTR was created to fulfill this centuries old dream that everyone of us has inside us. 

The skies belong to you, and the solution is coming soon.

FLUTR is creating




Traditional aerial mobility such as helicopter transfers, are expensive and require multiple automotive transfers to an airport or heliport, making adoption very limited, despite the technology being over 70 years old.

Private local aerial mobility (general aviation) for private individuals and corporates  involves extensive experience and training, complicated flying and air traffic control procedures, complicated ownership documentation, and limited areas of operation, which also has resulted in limited adoption.

Implementing a scalable local aerial network is a challenging task which has never been done before, requiring significant solutions in aircraft and propulsion design, fuel infrastructure modification, air traffic control system integration, urban planning and integration, and aircraft certification.


We are engineering away all these obstacles to scalable aerial transport and then managing them for the end user.

So that anybody can get from A to B, with the thrill of flying, and without the hassle of driving.

A truly incredible user experience.


And perhaps even more important is the benefit that a low cost, low maintenance small aerial transport solution can provide to people living in remote areas, or to people who require assistance in areas where helicopters can't reach.

Cameron Spencer

CEO + Founder

Come with us on this mind blowing adventure.​



FLUTR is teamed by a group of engineers and pilots who believe that the dream of the flying car should no longer be a dream, and that with a properly engineered solution an easy to drive and affordable vehicle should be available today.


Some of our founding team members have already flown hundreds of thousands of passengers whilst working as airline pilots, in a broad range of challenging regional and international safety critical aeronautical environments, on a wide range of modern widebody aircraft. Our advisory team have worked as test pilots, in military aviation roles, and in extensive helicopter operations. Engineering team members have worked for various aerospace and automotive companies such as Airbus, Jeep, Chrysler, SpaceX and others, and on various international challenging and game changing projects such as the round the world solar powered aircraft Solar Impulse to the JetWing single man jet suit.


FLUTR is founded by Cameron Spencer, an industry veteran aviator, Australian airline pilot, designer and aerospace engineer who is bringing the robust and mature airline operating environment to the urban level. 

People who have worked hard on this vehicle like nothing else:

Vincent F - Aerodynamics, Propulsion, and System Design

Daniel K - Vehicle and Concept Design 

Boris K - Aerospace Design, Engineering, Certification

Damir Z - Aerospace Design, Engineering, Certification

Marcus B - Aerospace Design, Engineering, Certification

Andreas V - Flight Control Design

Nikolaus K - Propeller Engineering

Sebastian H - Flight Control Design

Stefan W - Flight Control Design

Jaron W - Battery Systems

Ulrich U - Motor and Flight Control Engineering

Jens F - Vehicle Fabrication and Assembly

Niko B - Vehicle Fabrication and Assembly

Julian L - Vehicle Fabrication and Assembly

Reng A - Vehicle Fabrication and Assembly

Saged A - Vehicle Assembly

Michael F - Manufacturing

Frank B - Manufacturing

Simon W - Manufacturing

Elly S - Logistics

Roy S - Business Support

Eunice S - Personnel and Logistics

Shelley H - Business Support

Alex S - Management support

Toni S - Business Development

Jason A - Business Development

Pejman M - Product Communication

Brett L - Product Communication

Timothee D - Product Communication 

Simon B- Product Communciation

Jacqueline E - Personnel and Logistics 

Noah S - Videography

Max K - Videography

Sean P - Patenting

Eric N - Patenting

Leah S - Admin Support


FLUTR provides the following products and services, directly or via partners, now or in the future:

Aircraft sales

Aircraft maintenance

Aircraft pilot training

Aircraft insurance

Aircraft finance

Aircraft hire

Aircraft taxi/charter

Air cargo services

Geospatial data

Distributed scalable point to point aerial mobility


FLUTR aims to enable simple fast lowcost point-to-point aerial mobility for anyone, anywhere.


FLUTR operates in the following business categories, worldwide:


Air Charter


Door to Door Aerial Mobility

Geospatial data imaging

MAAS (Mobility As A Service)

Personal Aerial Mobility

TAAS (Transport As A Service)




UAM (Urban Aerial Mobility)


FLUTR provides services to the following industries, worldwide:

Air Ambulance


Offshore Wind Power

Property Management



Surveying and Exploration




FLUTR is engaged in the following activities, directly/ via partners:

Aircraft design
Aircraft certification

Aircraft manufacture

Aircraft testing

Aircraft traffic management system development and design

Aircraft avionics development and design

Aircraft recovery system development and design

Aviation design/ airworthiness certification standards development

Aviation noise standards development

Aircraft propulsion systems development and design

Aircraft navigation systems development and design

Aircraft hybrid power system development and design

Aircraft community operation and integration

Aircraft operations

Urban aerial mobility system development


FLUTR is principally regulated for air safety related activities by the associated government aviation safety authorities of that region:


Europe       EASA       (
US              FAA          (
UK              CAA         (
Australia    CASA       ( 

Germany    LBA          (

                    monitoring of flying/maintenance/training  


Air Traffic Control services:

Europe       Eurocontrol

US              FAA              

Australia    AirServicesAustralia       

For information about other regulatory authorities in the countries in which FLUTR products and people operate please write to info(@)


FLUTR is located at Ottobrunn, Munich, Germany, the heart of large scale electrically powered aircraft innovation. And Melbourne, Australia, and Los Angeles, USA.

And works with engineers from UK, Germany, US, Switzerland and Australia.

1 Willy Messerschmitt Str, Ottobrunn. 82024

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